Feel Good. Do Good.

We're here to help you feel your best. That ripples out in two big ways:​

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You feeling your best spreads goodness to everyone you encounter.

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We give a portion of all proceeds from our programs to charitable causes. So come Feel Good, because every time you do, you Do Good!   

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Become a Champion of Joy

Even if you don’t live locally or for some reason can’t participate in our programs, but want to support our Feel Good Do Good mission of helping people feel great and ripple out goodness, and giving back to charitable causes, you can participate! Become a Champion of Joy with a monthly contribution of any amount you choose. (You can change amount or cancel any time you wish.)

Help support our mission creating a Feel Good, Do Good movement to help people feel their best, and then share that well being as a ripple of goodness in the world. Become a Champion of Joy today!

Your support is invaluable and helps us stay strong, viable and able to stay mission-focused through the ups and downs of a wellness venture. 

As an expression of our deep gratitude, Joy Champions receive a new guided Meditation of the Month every month.

Offering comprehensive wellness solutions to help you feel your best!


Mindful Movement

Our classes are fun, welcoming, kind, safe, and will leave you feeling good!

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Health and life coaching programs customized to help you achieve your personal goals.



All natural supplements and wellness products to optimize your health and well-being.

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Reiki healing sessions to promote deep relaxation, healing, and stress reduction.

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Workshops & Special Events

Workshops including Meditation 101, Restful Sleep, Reiki Training, and more.