Let's Create a Ripple of Wellbeing and Goodness!

Let's Create a Ripple of Wellbeing and Goodness!

Hi there beautiful human!

I invite you to take a few moments to breathe with me. Right now.

Come on now, you can do this. If the voice in your head says you can't take three minutes to breathe, then tell it where to go!

This is your life.

You got this.

Give yourself a few moments to touch into peace, right here and now.

Slow down, relax and get out of the head and into the body as you read....

Inhale fully through your nose. Exhale... let out a sigh through the mouth

Relax your shoulders...

Release your jaw...

Let the belly soften as you feel the breath moving in the belly

How about three more breaths like that?

In through the nose,
Out through the mouth

In through the nose,
Out through the mouth

In through the nose,
Out through the mouth


That's better, isn't it?!

How are you doing, dear one? It certainly feels like a big time to be alive, doesn't it?!

It seems every day my heart breaks anew with with concern for our planet, our sisters and brothers here and around the world, and all of the challenges we face as a human family.

I find myself reflecting often on how I really want to be in this precious life... what's truly important.

When I get to the end of my days, how will I hope to have lived?

I'm getting clearer and clearer that I want to practice:
-being present
-being in happiness, peace and joy.

Not necessarily the skipping around with big energy kind of happy all of the time, but an abiding, palpable wellbeing that can ripple out goodness.

As one of my teachers often says, the last thing the world needs is one more stressed out, depleted, neurotic person trying to "save it".

How about this:

Let's get our bodies and minds recharged, get centered, and then enjoy this gift of a human life, and contribute from love instead of hate, from wellbeing instead of depletion?

Do you know the old story of:

Boss yells at employee
Employee yells at partner
Partner yells at child
Child yells at dog

That's the ripple effect of stress and negativity.

We all know that one for ourselves, right?

I'm in a bad place and I watch myself bringing that
not-so-great energy to others in my sphere. Gulp.

Here's what I propose... let's create a ripple of wellbeing and goodness instead!

What if we all focused on being as centered, happy and well as we could be?

How might we then share a ripple of goodness, and be moved to help and assist one another... what might be possible?

Taking time to regularly replenish our well of energy and practice breathing, caring for the body, centering the mind, (and having fun!) is no longer a nice idea to squeeze in here or there...

It's vital for our times.

One of the best ways I know to get our bodies and minds in a great place and then share that energy is a regular yoga practice. Toward that end, perhaps now is a good time to try out an unlimited Yoga Membership. With our monthly membership you can cancel anytime. Feel free to check it out or send me a message for more information.