"A happy life is a healthy life, and a healthy life is a happy life."

Uplevel your wellbeing with 1:1 coaching and yoga sessions! Personalized support, accountability, and clarity from a certified, experienced coach and yoga educator who has been there can make all the difference.

Dear Wonderful Soul,

I’m so glad you’re here! Are you a busy, stressed woman looking for more meaning, peace, energy and joy in your life? Do you often feel that:

- You’re stressed out, dissatisfied and like you’re just rushing through your life?
- You have big goals and dreams, but you’re stuck and not really moving forward?
- You don’t feel as engaged, energized, connected and alive as you suspect is possible?

If any of this rings true for you, I just want to let you know right now that it’s okay. YOU ARE OKAY!

It’s really normal to feel this way – many women do! And, coaching offers solutions that work. It’s absolutely possible to break the cycle, and create a life you love. I know it’s possible because I see it happen for my clients, and because it’s happened for me personally.

I spent a decade as a stressed out professional woman. On the outside, it may have looked like I had it all together, but on the inside I felt disconnected, incredibly stressed, frustrated and off balance. I felt like I was not making the most of this precious gift of life. I suspected there had to be a better way, so I sought out support. Along the way, I became a yoga teacher, Certified Professional Life Coach, and student of Zen practice. I discovered many amazing tools and strategies that truly make a difference.

I feel incredibly blessed to now share these powerful tools of transformation in my coaching. I LOVE seeing the amazing changes coaching creates in clients’ lives!

Work with Me
  • Slow, Mindful & Happy

    My signature program offering customized one-on-one support to transform your relationship with food, weight and wellbeing.

  • Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

    Build clarity and confidence in your teaching. Get support to move forward and share yoga from your unique voice and experience.

  • Private Yoga Sessions

    Deepen your yoga practice, or work with specific issues or challenges you are experiencing. I will help you create a customized practice for your personal needs. 

Coaching Style

I offer coaching in a number of different ways, so that it’s flexible and customized for your unique needs, schedule and budget.

If you’re considering the support of a coach to move forward with an important goal, deepen your connection to inner guidance, and strengthen your muscle of practicing and choosing moment by moment what you want for your life, tap the button below to request a completely free (no strings attached) consultation to see if we're a good fit!

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"I was feeling overwhelmed, confused and at times chaotic because of my life situation and certain challenges. My friend shared with me about her experience of working with Jen and how it had helped her tremendously. I had met Jen once or twice and felt very comfortable with her despite our brief meetings. Through our sessions, I became aware of my own self-sabotaging behaviors and my "inner critic." I was able to transform my challenges into "opportunities" and I also learned the art of self-compassion and the fact that every choice is a good choice because it teaches us something and takes us farther on our journey. She also helped me crystalize my life goals and ambitions. Jen has been a blessing and I recommend her highly. She is very professional, present and has an aura of peace about her which you cannot help but invite in your life!"
-Nadia Khan M.D

"The coaching experience with Jen taught me so much about myself and how I view the world. I feel comfortable with who I am again; a feeling I thought I’d never get back. And the feelings of anxiety that once held me back from many things no longer define me or keep me from enjoying life. I am extremely grateful to Jen for guiding me with love and patience."
-Audra Weaver

"Before beginning coaching with Jen, I felt very lost in life and wasn't sure where to start to get back on the right track. Even after the first few conversations with her, I felt an immense amount of relief. She made me realize how far I was from where I had been and gave me great tips and advice on how to make the necessary changes in my life to start feeling better. We worked on self-care, setting goals and sticking to them, reaching out for new opportunities and learning to speak to myself like my very own best friend. Even after our calls have ended, I feel successful while using the advice from Jen in everyday life. I would highly recommend her to anyone who may feel a little stuck in the course of their life!"
-Amanda Emenheiser