Hi, I'm Jen!

A journey of stress, anxiety, chronic pain and depression started me on this path. I'm deeply grateful that led me to discover the joy and transformative power of practicing yoga, meditation, self-compassion, and awareness practice as taught by Cheri Huber.

I have been a student and teacher of yoga and how to live a joyful life for nearly two decades. These days, I bring my Master's Degree in Education, Health and Life Coaching Certifications, and background in nonprofits and education to my work as Owner and Chief Joy Spreader at Joyful Wellness. I geek out on continuously learning, practicing, and sharing the best of yoga, myriad wisdom traditions, and positive psychology to help myself and others feel our best, and make the most of this challenging, precious life journey.

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A Passion for Yoga & Wellness

When it comes to yoga classes, there's no need to be a pretzel or stand on your head! At Joyful Wellness, we offer a signature style of gentle, fun and impactful yoga from the heart to:

• Alleviate stress, anxiety and pain
• Increase peace, flexibility and wellbeing
• Offer soul nourishment and inspiration for living an engaged, joyful life

I hold a 500 hour professional level yoga teaching certification from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, have been training teachers since 2003, and periodically study for anywhere from a week to a month or more at a time in how to live in presence, generosity and lovingkindness at the silent residential community of the Zen Monastery Peace Center.

I adore practicing and sharing powerful tools that work through my yoga and coaching services. I see these tools as a lifelong path of practice to tap into our inherent potential for living an engaged life of healing, wellbeing and joy; no matter what challenges we face. I am also a Reiki Master Teacher, and a rep for my favorite research-based natural skin care and wellness supplements. When not teaching or working with clients, you can find me walking, spending time with my amazing husband, and learning about joyful living from the true masters… my beloved rescue kitties Bella and Bodhi.

I share this work as an offering of joy in this wild world. If you’d like to find out more, please check out a yoga class (your first class is free!), or sign up for our mostly monthly email messages.

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The Joyful Wellness Mission

At Joyful Wellness, we believe that when you feel good, you have the energy to be a force for good… to be a kinder partner, friend, parent, coworker, to make a difference in our community, to go out and share a smile. We want to encourage you to take excellent care of yourself — because you are worth it, so that you can thrive, and through that thriving offer the crazy amazing unique gift of you to the world in the way that only you can offer it! 

To that end, every time you participate in one of our classes, workshops or offerings, Joyful Wellness gives a percentage of proceeds to support causes working to make the world a better place including Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Living Compassion Africa Vulnerable Children Project.

Jen Yost, our Owner and Chief Joyful Wellness Spreader, has enjoyed being a Big Sister and has seen firsthand what a difference the Big Brothers Big Sisters program makes. She has also worked personally with the Living Compassion Africa Vulnerable Children Project and been deeply moved by the integrity and impact of this work. 

So, come and participate in our wellness offerings. Feel Good and Do Good with us and help us create a well-being movement that ripples out far and wide…into our homes, our workplaces, our community, and our world. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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