Self Care Isn't a One Time Event

Self Care Isn't a One Time Event

Self love is not a light switch you flip. It is a garden you grow.
Patience Dear one. (It takes patience)
Patience will bring you the most phenomenal flowers. (Paciencia, Querida.)
Self-love is revolutionary. It is medicine against all harmful spirit in the world.
Small daily offerings to your soul become a mountain of strength and endurance over time.
Allow your growth to be gradual, not spectacular. Grain by grain you make your mountain.
-Jaiya John

Hi there beautiful human!

What big times we are living in, friends! I adore this inspiring encouragement from Jaiya John on bringing self love into our lives. Self love is a practice, not a once-and-done...

It's a day after day, falling off and recommitting, showing up again and again type of endeavor... Isn't that so helpful to remember?! And, that practice of self care, of self love... is Vital. Critical. Essential now more than ever.

  • What are some of your favorite daily self care practices for your soul?
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