Why Do You Practice Yoga?

Why Do You Practice Yoga?

Tell us why you practice in the comments. What benefits does your yoga practice bring to your life? Everyone who posts in May will be entered in our drawing for some fabulous prizes!


Regular yoga practice keeps this 75 year old body moving! I love the feeling of strength and flexibility as well as the family atmosphere Jen fosters. I feel at ease choosing my level of intensity and accepting Jen’s encouragement to go just a little farther each time! Jen blesses us with a spiritual focus for each class that warms my heart and sets the tone for my days. Beyond that, I get to connect with my amazing daughter at each class! Gratitude!

Sandy Yost

I practice yoga because my body, mind and spirit crave the present and ongoing healing benefits of every session. My whole day is positively effected, physically and mentally as a result of “showing up at the mat” as Jen likes to say. With each passing week, I look forward to being guided by a wonderful teacher and practicing with a fine group of compassionate students in our virtual classes.

Cathy Larsen

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