Welcome to the Members Lounge!

Welcome to the Members Lounge!

Regularly practicing to care for our bodies, minds & spirits; to be as present and centered as we can is a huge contribution to ourselves and to all!

Hi All!

Thank  you for joining me here in this place where we can share, connect and practice peace, joy, presence and wellbeing together. This new platform is just as new for me as it is for you so we will get to explore it going forward!

Please look around and check out all of the good stuff here in the Member Lounge:

  • Your Member Yoga Videos and Audio Meditations for a quick uplift anytime, anywhere -- all together in one place! A new yoga video and meditation will be added here every month to expand your collection. 
  • This members-only inspiration blog where I'll offer encouragements on the journey of joyful wellbeing, including inspirational quotes and readings from our classes and other sources, contests with fun prizes, and more. Please comment and participate if you wish!
  • Your Joyful Wellness Member Discounts all in one spot...we have some wonderful discount partners already and will be adding more over time.
  • A quick and easy Bring a Friend form. As a Joyful Wellness Yoga Member, you can invite friends to join one class for free courtesy of you (one class per friend, invite as many friends as you like!). With a few simple clicks you can wing the info to me and I'll get a friend invited to join you for a free class any time you like!
I hope you will love the Member Lounge and that it'll be a great resource to support your wellbeing practice....I've poured a lot of heart into it! 

Please say hello in the comments and tell us what you love about yoga! 



Yoga helps me to not only stretch and take care of my body but to also help my soul and spirit! I am so grateful that I discovered Jen at a time in my life when I was searching for something, not really knowing what and this turned out to be it. Jen makes you feel at ease and always brings a smile with laughs on our Joyful journey!

Gidget Smith

look forward to joining all fellow yoga practitioners every Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday. The sessions are uplifting and fun to do .They are never stressful !may be yes? or may be no?

junia tiruchelvam

There are no words. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I never knew…until you

Rita Clayton

Hello, I’m SO happy to be here. I love the website, and you, and can’t wait to try the videos in the lounge.


Happy New Year! I really enjoy the member’s lounge! Thank you Jen Yost!

Samantha Weaver

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