Our mindful Yoga classes combine the best of science-backed non-pretzel Yoga, stretching, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation, and are designed to decrease pain and stress, & increase flexibility, balance, peace, resilience and vitality. Our classes are fun, welcoming, kind, safe and will leave you feeling good! 

Regular Classes (All classes now virtual during COVID 19)


9:30-10:45am (optional: meditate after class until 11am if you wish)


Yoga students in savasana pose.

Rates for Classes & Memberships

Drop-in Classes

Drop-in (space permitting) $15
Ten drop-ins (valid for 4 months, space permitting) $140

Drop-in Classes

Ongoing Memberships

$45 for 30 days unlimited regular classes

Membership Benefits:

  • Attend unlimited regular classes!
  • Receive a brand new 30 minute yoga video to enjoy each month
  • Receive a discounted rate on workshops and special offerings
  • Receive a powerful new audio guided Meditation Of The Month every month. Enjoy at home or on the go.
  • Commit to a regular practice (this is what we want for you; when you establish a regular rhythm of practice you will see the greatest benefit).
  • As you support your own regular practice, your commitment also assists Joyful Wellness. Much like the CSA model of supporting a local farmer, your consistent support allows us to stay strong and viable so that we can plan ahead, continue professional development to stay current with cutting edge wellness practices, further our charitable giving and Feel Good Do Good mission, and support you in feeling your best through the changing seasons of your life.

    Ongoing memberships are automatically charged to your credit, debit card or pay pal balance each month, until you contact us to stop the membership. Ten class passes, drop in classes and membership may be purchased online using a credit card, or paid via cash or check to Joyful Wellness. Unused classes expire on the membership end date. Our memberships and passes are set up to help you establish a consistent wellness practice in your life. We are here to support you in feeling your absolute best - inside and out!
"I have found a joyfully restorative movement class with Jen! She reminds me to listen to my body and respect its limitations as I move through gentle stretches. After the movement and guided meditation I leave class relaxed - centered- renewed."
- Sandy Grove
“During these stressful times, Joyful Wellness brings me the relaxation therapy and stretching techniques that aid me in a more healthful way of living. The result is a mind and body healing experience that leaves me feeling more positive and joyful about my life."
– Joanne Bennett
“I was looking for gentle exercise to do while I was recovering from back surgery and decided to give yoga another try. I visited different local studios but couldn’t find the right fit for me…until I found Jen Yost. Jen was extremely conscious of the individual needs of everyone in the class and I felt safe from re-injury. In addition to the physical benefits of increased flexibility and strength, Jen was the first to be able to help me benefit from the mental peace yoga provides. Her calming visualizations help to quiet the mind and her breathing techniques have helped me get through stress, anxiety, and insomnia. In this busy, hectic world full of life’s demands, it’s great to have Jen remind us to take the time to inhale peace and exhale joy. PS - Joyful Wellness Yoga is my favorite Zoom meeting!”
– Lori K.
" Yoga Nidra with Jen has been an experience IN-JOY! Jen offers a gentle, kind and inclusive environment where those of us who struggle with the idea that yoga only "belongs to the flexible" can benefit from her warm, welcoming style. I would encourage anyone seeking a renewing, affirming but gentle path to mindful movement to try a session with Jen"
– Patti Schlough
“Your classes provide me a much needed opportunity to fully stretch and reconnect with my body and my breath - and then the long relaxation at the end is the perfect reset and de-stressor for me at the end of a long week. One of my friends who lives in LA and experienced your class with me told me she hasn't been able to find anyone there who does what you do as well as you do it. The longer I've been doing your classes, the more I believe they are an essential component to my overall wellness - body, mind, and spirit. And then from the couples perspective, getting to do these classes with Ben has been a real gift for us that we look forward to each week. Your classes help each of us individually but are also a wonderful and unique opportunity to spend soul-restoring time together as well.”
– Erin Casey McLaughlin