Bring on the Joy Now by Jen Yost front cover

Fresh, fun and effective, this book is chock full of powerful practices to help you bring on the JOY in your life, starting right now! Distilling the best tools from ancient yogic practices, as well as coaching and counseling strategies, Bring on the Joy! offers surprising secrets to help you live a more joyful life.

One powerful way to begin amping up your joy immediately is to share joy! When you get your copy of Bring on the Joy!, you’ll not only be bringing joy to your life, but you can feel great knowing that you’re also bringing joy to others.

For every 100 books sold, funds will be donated to feed and educate a vulnerable child in Zambia for one year through the nonprofit Living Compassion Africa Vulnerable Children Project.  I have traveled to Zambia and seen for myself the amazing, high integrity work going on there. This program partners with and empowers a community of amazing people in Zambia to create a sustainable, joyful life for themselves and their children. I’ll keep everyone who purchases the book updated on how many children we’re able to assist!

Go for it – give and receive JOY! today!

Bring on the Joy! is an exuberant guide to living a radiant life. Jen Yost’s words sparkle. She makes sure there’s a smile waiting for you on every page – along with sage advice for refreshing body and mind, heart and soul. Jen, you rock!
Lisa Sarasohn
Author of The Woman’s Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure
I just finished reading Bring on the Joy! and my joy meter has definitely gone way up. Jen backs up her material with great quotes, personal stories, and easy-to-handle-with-out-getting-overwhelmed suggestions to help bring more joy into your life. Each chapter is like sitting down with a cup of tea and a good friend and looking at all the practical and fun ways to increase the joy in your life. It sure worked for me and I am using her techniques and suggestions daily!
Karen Drucker