How Has Yoga Benefitted You?

How Has Yoga Benefitted You?

How has yoga impacted your life, health, or wellbeing? Share your yoga journey with us in the comments! I'd love to hear how Joyful Wellness is making an impact for you, and everyone who posts will be entered into a drawing for fun prizes including Namaste journals, a hand made lavender eye pillow from Mama Yost, and more!

- Jen


Spending time in Jen’s yoga classes feels like I’ve gotten away to a special private place created and designed for me personally. And yet, I feel the presence of my yoga family as they are practicing too. The time melts away and when finished I feel soooooooo good!
I appreciate all the time and attention Jen gives to the class preparation for transitioning through the postures and to its spiritual and mental aspects.
Yoga is so important to my personal self care and I am so grateful for the zoom classes with Jen.

Winnie kowalik

So great to hear Deb, thank you for sharing! Love to see you (and Oliver!!) :-)


I am thankful to have Jen and Joyful Wellness Yoga in my life. I have tried various yoga classes throughout the years and no instructor can compare to Jen. Her kindness, positivity and passion for yoga shines through in each class. The relaxing, non-judgmental, fun environment puts me at ease and calms my mind. I also love the bonding time with my cat Oliver during yoga when he decides to grace me with his presence. I always end up feeling world’s better after a yoga class, even if I’m only able to join in for the last half hour or so. Thank you Jen for all that you do!

Deb Werner

Love it Beth, thanks for sharing! I am so with you – I always feel like there is too much to do until I make the time for yoga and realize how it actually helps me have time and feel good for everything that’s truly important! :-)


Connecting with Jen Yost and Joyful Wellness Yoga has been a blessing. As a teacher I often have too much to do, but her practice inspires me to find the time to focus on my health and wellness. My body and mind always feel so much better after a yoga session with Jen, and I love that I can just hop on from my living room. Her sessions are not only good for the body, but uplifting and inspirational as well. I am so grateful to Jen and her practice!

Elizabeth Bebee

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