How Has Yoga Benefitted You?

How Has Yoga Benefitted You?

How has yoga impacted your life, health, or wellbeing? Share your yoga journey with us in the comments! I'd love to hear how Joyful Wellness is making an impact for you, and everyone who posts will be entered into a drawing for fun prizes including Namaste journals, a hand made lavender eye pillow from Mama Yost, and more!

- Jen


I love doing yoga with Jen! Her classes bring me joy, strength and ease of movement. I have worked through back and hip issues with yoga and Jen’s modifications. Truth to tell, I have even tuned in to listen when in bed with the flu just to soak up the joy her classes bring! Thank you, Jen! <3

Sandra L. Yost

As an individual that suffers from fibromyalgia, yoga has helped me ease pain and reduce muscle tension. Yoga has also helped me reduce stress and improve my mood. Jen’s yoga is beneficial to the body, mind and spirit. She is like having a motivational speaker and yoga instructor all rolled into one. Her class reminds me to let go of the things I can’t change and focus on the things I do have control over; like my attitude and intentions. I end her class relaxed, uplifted and motivated to take on the next challenge in my day. Thank You Jen for being a shining light in this struggling world!


I have been practicing yoga under Jen’s guidance for 12 years. Her classes are so good for body and spirit! She offers many suggestions for adapting various poses(I call my sessions adaptive yoga)so that each student receives the benefits of each pose. Her gentle spirit and sense of humor help to keep me motivated.


Yoga with Jen is energizing, uplifting, and better than a massage! Yoga helps to keep my stress down, and my sense of well-being higher. Life is not as good without yoga! Jen, thanks for the relaxation and the laughter! ❤️🙏🏻


Love it, Winnie. Sooooo good is how I feel after we practice yoga too. Such a blessing to get to practice together! Thank you for sharing your experience!


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